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“I don’t know if I have ever felt like that before- it was a mixture of a mental relaxation and intentional loss of effort to worry and a huge boost/ growth of personal confidence….usually when I walk home if I pass people and feel intimidated I pretend to be on the phone, I passed so many people and just felt amazing and not worried about what they thought or if they were better than me. WOW.”

“I cannot get over that workshop! Like my head feels clear and all my senses crazy heightened. Thank YOU!”

“Thank you so much! That was incredible!!!”

“Holy shit. Thank you so much for that experience tonight! You were right, it was truly transformative.”

“Thank you so much for tonight! You have such a gift for creating safe spaces and letting people feel vulnerable.”

“THANK YOU! I had no idea how many things I piled inside and how many deeply negative emotions about myself had gotten stuck in my body. I felt so vulnerable and so genuinely happy letting go and forgiving myself. I never thought it’d be such a beautiful experience.”

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"Krush is a FANTASTIC workout, and authentically Kathleen. High intensity bursts with reflective recovery and intentional breath work throughout. Designed perfectly so her full body workout has a distinct style of movement and mindfulness as well as an excellent flow. Her sequences of challenging moves and moments of pause are enhanced by an amazingly curated playlist. I HIGHLY recommend Krush! Come for the challenge, stay for the release. (and return for the results)"
- Meredith M.

"So fun. And TOUGH. All the things we've come to know and love about your soul classes in a totally different and exciting format."
- Lauren P.

"I legitimately cried after class.'
- Paniz A.

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“Find your soul? I think it’s still on bike 4…or a redhead stole it. Both? Jury’s still out…or the search party, as it were.“

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